Case Studies

At Kalman & Pabst, it's in our DNA to challenge ourselves every day. Not just creatively, either, but as humans, too! Whether it entails photography, CGI, digital artistry, video, or a combination of these, our team fervently strives to discover, define, and deliver the most effective and compelling solutions for our clients' visual communications needs.

Amplifying Existing Assets

Our clients often think of our core services as individual pillars that form KP. Instead of viewing our capabilities as single entities, we’d like to shift the perception to where a combination of these capabilities serves as one solid bedrock, allowing us to offer our clients holistic solutions along the way. Take this Electrolux case study for example. Leveraging multiple services to get more out of original assets keeps clients' costs to a minimum while having more content to share with their audience.


Sometimes projects may seem impossible to complete in time, but we're confident there's a creative solution waiting to be uncovered. Take this L'or de Seraphine CGI packaging project, for example. One of our core services allowed us to take the once "impossible ask" and turn it into a "realistic expectation."

One Stop Studio Shop

What happens when your marketing deadline arrives before the product you are marketing actually exists? With a team of seasoned photographers, CGI specialists, and digital artists all under one roof, the right mix of creative services can get you what you need just in time for your tricky deadlines.

Project Managers who can do it all

Have multiple hurdles in order to accomplish your project? Our project managers specialize in jumping over them. Take this GOJO job, for example. With several locations, talent management, and large shooting teams, our project managers turned a challenging job into a safe and successful operation during a pandemic.


One Project, Four Services

From project management to photography and digital artistry to CGI, this project allowed our team to flex multiple services. Under a deadline and need to stay within budget? We break down our creative solution to achieve just that.


More Than A Light Bulb

Ah, the light bulb. Arguably one of the more life-changing creations of all human inventions. A symbol of innovation, brilliant ideas, and “aha” moments. So how does a mainstay brand like GE Lighting convey new twists on a classic invention?