Level-Up With A Team-Up

The Client American Greetings

The Challenge The creative team at American Greetings was tasked with a large undertaking. They were asked to move miracles in their studio to photograph 100 unique vignettes in different stylized sets showcasing the brand’s standard greeting cards for online retail distribution–specifically Amazon. With limited space, time constraints, and the quantity of imagery needed, this presented to be a big lift for their internal team.

The Solution Although the American Greetings creative team was more than capable of managing the project, they reached out to Kalman & Pabst for a boost in capacity and creativity due to the volume of work at hand. With that, our team got to work and served as a complement to the brand’s incredible creative department. Our highly skilled team paired with our proven process created efficiencies in the likes of speed, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Additionally, our studio space offered the ability to develop multiple sets to showcase the products, creating diverse environments that were unique to each card.

Bottom line: Our team became an extended and reliable resource for American Greetings' creative department to tap into in order to help them achieve their needs and alleviate their team's pain points.

The Impact Upon project completion, our team delivered elevated photography that met the client’s needs. Our role was not to replace American Greetings’ internal creative team, not even close. We were here to offer our partnership to find a solution to their pain point. In this instance, it was to bolster their internal team in order to meet their needs with a high-quality product delivered on time and within budget.

With the upward-trending demand for more & more content on smaller budgets and tighter deadlines, creative teams of all kinds are feeling the pressure now more than ever. Often with pressure comes stress, more hours clocked, and risk for burnout–and that's only to keep up with the status quo. Our team is ready to work in tandem with yours to help you break out of that "status quo" label. And while we're at it, let's stick it to Mister Burnout by finishing the project feeling energized and ready to jump into the next.

How Can This Approach Help You?
Are you feeling the pressure to deliver more brand and product imagery than your team can keep up with? Do you ever experience creative fatigue, yet you know that you have to keep going? Or how about that feeling when you wish you could lean on someone to help, but you’re typically the one on which everyone leans?

Whether you have an external agency, an internal creative pod, or especially if you are a key player in said creative pod, our team is here to offer solutions. Our capabilities, creativity, capacity, and proven workflow, allow our team to offer a turnkey solution to create elevated visuals for trusted brands. Even with in-house creative teams on the rise to tap directly from the brand source, you may find a need for an extended team to accomplish your goals.

Connect with us if any of the aforementioned pain points resonate with you. We’re here as a supportive partner to your team and will offer goal-oriented solutions that allow you to be successful while also alleviating some of the stressors that come with the job. Kalman & Pabst–A champion for brand teams, good for your brand.