Lifestyle Integration Options


Picture this. It’s a Friday morning. You just sat down with some liquid energy and started parsing through your morning messages. “Ping!” You just got word that your team is tasked with developing a brand new product launch. Excitement hits, yet so do the hundred-and-one questions that naturally pop into your mind surrounding the development of this type of project: What’s our timeline? How do we go about our go-to-market strategy? What’s our budget? Who should we partner with to develop the creative? Will we have the product in time to generate said creative? The questions go on and on.

Gone are the days when simple, product-on-white images are sufficient to spark enough demand for the product offering and generate upfront sales. Consumers desire more than that. Yes, they want the product on whites, but they also need the product shown in environments while being used by other consumers. Relatability sells, and retailers know this. That’s why the demand for more & more unique content is so high in today’s markets. It’s hard to paint a picture for a consumer to use a product if it’s only shown on white–-it’s critical to help inspire the consumer in the process. Inspiring leads to desire, and desiring leads to purchasing.

With the unique demands of retailers these days, are you struggling to keep up with your content creation while still inspiring your consumers? Does your strategy lack focus in regards to lifestyle integration? Do you have the vision but can’t execute it yourself just yet? If you & your team don’t relate to these questions, you don’t need us. But if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we believe we can help.

Check out our lifestyle integration solutions below on how we’ve approached some client challenges. If you feel we can help fulfill a need for your team–no matter how small or big–please reach out to us. We’d love to get a conversation started.