Commercial Photography Studio in Cleveland

KP Photo has been an expert in professional photography since 1987. Our Crew of photographers is passionate about their craft and are as technically savvy as they are artistic. Commercial and professional photography is more than just a simple picture: It’s a story that our clients want to tell and we help them get there. Whether it’s product photography, food + drink photography, for a billboard or for a website, our experts help your team meticulously plan from the conception of your marketing project until the final edit.


Located in Cleveland, Ohio, our commercial photography studio has 18,000 square feet of shooting floors, natural light, commercial kitchens, prop rooms, and anything else you need to inspire your company’s photography project. Our photography studio space has been officially named one of the coolest spaces in Cleveland, adding a little flavor of the CLE to our services that reach nationwide to help you realize your company's vision for your story.