No Product? No Problem.

The Client L'or de Seraphine

The Challenge Elevated and eclectic home fragrance maker, L’or de Seraphine, needed product imagery to empower their sales team to enhance their distribution to retailers like Anthropology, Bloomingdales, Amazon, etc. However, the candles and their respective packaging were not yet manufactured.

The Solution Computer-generated imagery (CGI). Since the products were not yet tangible, modeling the candles and packaging in CGI ensured that our team had accurate builds of what would eventually become the physical assets. Using the die-lines provided by the client, our digital artists seamlessly wrapped the artwork around the modeled candles and packaging. Finally, our experienced photographers reviewed each CGI asset to ensure that the images were met with accurate lighting to produce the most photorealistic results possible.

The Impact​ The L’or de Seraphine sales team had the product imagery they needed in time to enhance their distribution to retailers like Anthropology, Bloomingdales, and Amazon. Applying our team’s turnkey CGI approach with an expert eye from our senior photographers is a no-brainer solution. Without this creative approach used to develop these assets, it would have been challenging for the brand to secure digital shelf space with multiple retailers, garnering more opportunities for brand awareness, consumer reach, and ultimately, increased revenue.

How Can This Approach Help You? Frustrated? Always behind & can’t get ahead? Need more control? We know that brand & product imagery is only one of many responsibilities you have, yet it can be a huge stress point. Our job is to understand this very aspect of yours. By utilizing cutting-edge tech & CGI, our product launch control solutions give you access to tap into infinite, scalable possibilities to achieve your needs. Anything from simple products on white to compositing lifestyle into CGI room scenes to custom animations your brand needs to educate your consumers about key features & benefits, our team can help.

Connect with us if you’re curious to learn more about how we can deliver inspired product imagery solutions focused on making your life easier while creating ROI for your brand. And let’s face it, it’ll make you look good in the process. Kalman & Pabst – A champion for brand teams, good for your brand.