No Physical Product? No Need To Worry!

The Client L'or de Seraphine

The Project With the L'or de Seraphine X Cynthia Rowley Collection set to launch, the L'or de Seraphine team had a need for product-on-white assets to showcase the new candle designs along with their respective packaging. These assets were needed for a variety of uses such as the brand's website, print & catalog purposes, e-commerce needs, and to empower their sales team to enhance their distribution to retailers like Anthropology, Bloomingdales, Amazon, etc.

The Challenge This project seems pretty straightforward, right? Our team gets a hold of the candles and packaging, we photograph each candle set on white, filter the images through our digital artists, then deliver the assets to the client. Well, not exactly. The candles and boxes were not yet manufactured, therefore, it was physically impossible for our team to take the photography path for this project and still meet the client's deadline.

Finding themselves in a scenario that'd spark any marketing manager's nervous system into eye-twitching overdrive, the L'or de Seraphine team was in need of a creative solution. Luckily, our team is well-versed in solving these types of issues. We continuously strive to awaken the minds of our clients to desire beyond status quo, which led us to the solution we proposed.

The Solution​ Knowing that our team would not be able to get our hands on the physical candles and packaging to photograph in-studio, we pivoted from one of our core services to another—computer-generated imagery.

With the deadline in mind, our creative team began modeling the candles and packaging in CGI to ensure we had the accurate builds of the physical assets. Using the die-lines sent from the client, our digital artists then seamlessly wrapped the artwork around the candles and packaging. As we then do with every CGI project, we filter the images through one of our seasoned photographers' eyes to ensure that the images are met with accurate lighting to produce the most photorealistic results possible.

The Result​ The digital world of CGI allows for the once "impossible ask" to become a "realistic expectation." Even though the products were not yet manufactured, our team creating these photorealistic assets in CGI allowed for our client to generate excitement and demand for a product on time and within budget, while simultaneously offer peace of mind.

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