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The Client Hansgrohe

The Challenge Hansgrohe came to the KP team with the need to create images for the launch of the brand’s new offering: The Locarno Kitchen, Bath, & Shower Collections. The project scope was to create lifestyle assets showcasing the new product offerings (faucets, showerheads, etc.) with a model interacting with the kitchen & bath hardware in addition to the water. However, Hansgrohe needed the visual assets for this project before the actual product existed.

The Solution First, using Hansgrohe’s mood boards as the inspiration, our stylists got to work developing the style boards needed to create the CG rooms. Based on that information and other build specs, our architectural visualization CGI artists created custom kitchens & bathrooms to meet the client’s desired aesthetic. Finally, and with precision, our digital artists composited the photographed models and water spray patterns into the final CG scenes.

This project was perfectly matched with our technical and artistic expertise. Examples of these essential details include:

+ A critical need for matched lighting
+ Constructing in-studio sets that properly align with the CGI room scenes
+ Intricate water spray patterns and surface texture change-outs
+ Modified room scenes matching the different faucets and hardware styles

The Impact By implementing this solution-based approach, the Hansgrohe team made their product imagery launch deadlines with ease. Following the launch of the new Locarno marketing assets, the brand experienced an incredible 50% increase in sales. In addition, consumers called to inquire about the details within the kitchens & bathrooms simply because they loved the style and are trying to recreate it for themselves. And perhaps the most flattering ripple effect this project reached was when the brand team noticed their competition react and begin to follow in the footsteps of Hansgrohe, thus creating an industry trend.

How Can This Approach Help You? Frustrated? Always behind & can’t get ahead? Need more control? We know that brand & product imagery is only one of many responsibilities you have, yet it can be a huge stress point. Our job is to understand this very aspect of yours. By utilizing cutting-edge tech & CGI, our product launch control solutions give you access to tap into infinite, scalable possibilities to achieve your needs. Anything from simple products on white to custom animations your brand needs to educate your consumers about key features & benefits, our team can help.

Update Fast forward one year later, the Hansgrohe brand reached out to the KP team with additional needs to amplify their now existing assets from this project with the integration of motion. Our CGI artists resurrected the CGI room scenes, shot footage of talent in our studio, and composited the video into the CGI scenes to create two :30 commercial video spots for the brand. With a combination of these capabilities, Hansgrohe was able to get the most out of its marketing budget and stay efficient during the entire process.

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