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The Client Hansgrohe

The Project Hansgrohe came to the KP team with the need to create images for the launch of the brand’s new offering: The Locarno Kitchen, Bath, & Shower Collections. The scope of the project was to create lifestyle assets showcasing the new product offerings (faucets, shower heads, etc.) with a model interacting with the kitchen & bath hardware. This was shaping up to be a straightforward photography project. That was until we were given a challenge that kicked our team's mindset into a place where we thrive: creative-solutions mode.

The Challenge Hansgrohe needed the visual assets for this project before the actual product was available. Essentially, we needed to figure out how to showcase these products being used in the real world before the products existed. Nothing like tight marketing deadlines! We are a team of visual bridge builders and are catalysts for creativity; we were determined to make this happen. With a solution in mind, our team etched out a plan that required three of our core creative services in order to accomplish the client’s needs.

The SolutionOur project managers went back to Hansgrohe with a proposal to blend our photography, CGI, and digital artistry services to accomplish the client’s needs by their deadline and within budget.

First, our CGI specialists got to work creating custom computer-generated kitchens & bathrooms to meet the client’s desired look & feel for this project. With the development of the room scenes in the works, our photographers were busy photographing models in the studio using prototypes of the client’s faucets and hardware on set. Once the CGI room scenes and the lifestyle photography were complete, our digital artists outlined the models and water spray patterns then composited the photographed elements into the computer-generated room scenes.

This technique is nothing new; however, the details of this project truly made for a unique challenge. Details including a critical need for matched lighting, constructing in-studio sets to properly align with the CGI room scenes, intricate water spray patterns and surface texture change-outs, and modified room scenes to match the different styles of faucets and hardware.

In addition to the talented individuals who allow our team to be at the epicenter of dynamic imagery, communication played a significant role in why these images look realistic and seamless. From the project managers to the photographers and CGI specialists to the digital artists, our team was always in communication with one another simply because we offer all of our services under one roof. The KP crew was in constant contact (as with every job) making sure everything was in alignment the entire duration of the project, in efforts to create a smooth client experience.

The Result​ We'd like to let the images speak for themselves! Visit Hansgrohe's website to view the brand's new Locarno Collection in its entirety.

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