Enhanced Services

At Kalman & Pabst, we leverage much more than the capabilities our team has to offer. We lean into the detailed services that are often overlooked, yet critical for making a project a success. From in-house services like project management & creative direction to our working relationships with expert stylists & recipe developers, Kalman & Pabst has the resources to deliver upon your brand’s imagery needs.

Production Management

Our dynamic horsepower is not just limited to our photographers, digital artists, and CGI specialists—it's especially applicable to our staff of project managers. We encourage you to lean on our resourceful PMs to fulfill job wants, needs, and challenges, ultimately making your job easier.

From locating a talent camel for a Cleveland beach photoshoot in March to aligning expert food and set stylists well-suited for your brand's aesthetic to scouting and producing a photo shoot in a west coast mansion, our project managers have the experience, connections, and confidence to do it all.

+ Project Management

+ Location Management

+ Talent Management

Styles & Trends

Our team has a working relationship with over a dozen nationally recognized professional food, set, and prop stylists. With their impressive experience in this specialized craft, stylists are a key reason why our team is able to deliver stunning, high-end imagery to our clients, unequivocally elevating their brand.

+ Food Styling

+ Set/Prop Styling

+ Set Design & Construction


From creative directing at the highest level of the project to the on-set art direction from our photographers & stylists to our motion director fully engaged from pre-production to final edit, we align the appropriate team to bring your vision to life.

+ Creative Direction

+ Art Direction

+ Photo/Lighting Direction

+ Motion Direction

Recipe Development

Recipe development isn't something that's learned overnight. It takes years of experience, trial & error, and an impressive set of skills to develop recipes professionally. This is why we lean on our expert recipe developers to help not only our team shine but create stunning assets for our clients.

Whether it's altering existing recipes or starting from scratch, working with an experienced recipe developer will open doors to creating unique and innovative recipes specific to your brand.

Digital Services

Our digital artists & CGI specialists may not always be physically present on set, but they're working their pixelated magic behind the scenes. They're a critical cog in our creative wheel and arguably our secret weapon in ensuring a project's success.

Our team offers digital services including, but not limited to:

+ Video Editing

+ Motion Graphics

+ Compositing

+ Color Correction


Creating & delivering world-class imagery may be our service offering, but what ultimately drives us are relationships. We cultivate a fun, collaborative, and creatively-stimulating environment that places people above all else. Creating a thriving creative community is our passion, and it's why our clients continue to hire us, even more than a decade after our first introduction.