Where CGI Animation Yields Brand Elevation

The Client GE Lighting, A Savant Company

The Challenge The GE Lighting brand launched a new series of five GE Lighting LED+ Light Bulbs and needed a visually unified story to convey each product's features that would positively improve and simplify the consumer's daily life. Speed to market for this project was critical as was the need to fully educate the consumer's understanding of the light bulb's functionality in a concise, yet brief engagement window.

The Solution Our team's approach? We reached into our capabilities toolbox and developed a creative solution customized for GE's internal brand team. First, our team created five independent storyboards emphasizing the features of each light bulb. Once the storyboards were established, our creative team built a surreal GE Lighting neighborhood by means of animated CGI where each light bulb was showcased in different rooms within the home. 

Some might question, "Why CGI and not traditional video?" This was the first question our creative team asked ourselves, too. Here's why CGI won in the long run.

- Adaptability: GE Lighting didn’t have to sacrifice anything they wanted in the CGI animations; we created the exact home all had envisioned for this project.

- Visualization: GE Lighting could better highlight the features of its new products with a more dramatic approach and mood (think: thunderstorm power outage) that’s much harder to produce in traditional video.

- Speed: Traditional video requires location scouting, sourcing furniture, and purchasing physical props involved in video production. CGI, in this case, led to faster speed to market.

- Budget: The need for drones and robotics would have drastically increased the budget of the job vs. our approach with CGI.

- Lifespan: GE Lighting will always have these digital assets. We can make cost-effective changes tomorrow or two years from now without having to revisit a location or build new sets.

The Impact Five dynamically original CGI animations with one cohesive feel were produced in less time than traditional video. Featured on multiple online platforms, in-store end cap displays, and at trade shows, these final assets served as easily digestible content allowing for consumer understanding of how the brand's new products function.

View all of the GE Lighting CGI videos here:

How Can This Approach Help You?

Have you ever been stumped on how to drive home the desired results with your brand's next creative campaign? Or how about wishing you had a boost of creativity without having to exhaust your marketing dollars by partnering with an agency?

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