Computer Generated Imagery Services

Our 34 years of experience in lighting and styling extends beyond the camera lens to photorealistic CGI renderings, compositing, and VFX. For products or packaging that can't be manufactured in time for marketing, sales or retail launches, CGI offers a versatile solution or complement to traditional photography. Our ability to amplify your CGI assets with compositing & VFX creates a powerful solution for your product marketing launch.

Commercial CGI | Compositing | VFX

KP Photo works with dozens of national brands to create beautiful computer-generated renderings for interior, products, lifestyle, automotive, outdoor, and more, serving several different verticals and industries. Our CGI, compositing, and VFX services allow your brand to seamlessly connect and interact with your customers on both digital and print platforms. Learn more about the capabilities we offer and contact us today.

Computer generated image of dark colored kitchen looking into the dining room
Computer generated image of light colored kitchen looking into the dining room
KP Photo CGI Demo Reel