Computer Generated Imagery Services

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) creates powerful imagery ranging from simple product details to complex photorealistic room scenes that are indistinguishable from traditional photography. Create multiple room shots without the physical cost and labor of a shoot. CGI is agile. When products are delayed or still in development, this powerful solution delivers the images you need for marketing, pre-sales, and retail launches. CGI is growth. Go to market faster, expand product extensions quickly, and increase brand engagement on a broader scale.

The versatility of CGI allows for unlimited revisions. A single room rendering can become 20+ rooms with endless possibilities to modify furniture, arrangements, colors, textures, fixtures, and more. Use CGI to change product color for seasonal promotions, to gauge interest in a line extension, and/or create enticing feature & benefit animations.

Commercial CGI | Compositing | VFX

Kalman and Pabst works with large-scale national brands to create beautiful computer-generated renderings for interior rooms, outdoor spaces, automotive, and various other consumer product goods. Our CGI, compositing, and special effects (VFX) capabilities allow your brand to seamlessly connect and interact with your customers on both digital and print platforms.

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Computer generated image of dark colored kitchen looking into the dining room
Computer generated image of light colored kitchen looking into the dining room
KP Photo CGI Demo Reel