One Project, Four Services

The Client Lincoln Electric

The Project Intended for their trade show, the Lincoln Electric team needed to create a large graphic for one of the walls in their show booth. The team wanted to display a stylized image of a Lincoln Electric Ranger in the bed of a welding truck on an active construction site alongside welders in action.

The Challenge The challenge is that a project like this has been cost prohibitive to the company in the past and difficult to stage this type of detailed shot on an actual construction site. In order to accomplish this project on time and within budget, the KP project managers did what they do best — developed a creative solution.

The Solution Project management developed a creative solution that utilized more than one service KP offers in order to minimize the challenges. Our project managers scouted locations to find a construction site that not only fit the aesthetic that Lincoln Electric was looking for, but also allowed us to gain access to the site after hours.  

Once we secured the ideal location, our team photographed the construction site to use as a backplate to the final asset. Our CGI artists then created the Lincoln Electric welding vehicle. Upon completion of the computer-generated aspect, our digital artists composited the welding truck into the photographed backplate, added the tire treads in the dirt, and retouched the welders into the shot as if they were currently working while the image was being photographed.

The solution ultimately allowed our team to stay within Lincoln Electric’s budget, give the client exactly what they were looking for, met the necessary time frame, and strengthened our trust & relationship with the company.

The Result

“With KP Photo’s combination of photo, CGI, digital artistry, and production skills, my team was able to produce a scene that we were never able to accomplish in the past. If it was possible to accomplish in the past, it wasn’t cost effective. This was the first time we’ve been able to get a Ranger and a truck on location as an image in our asset library.”

— Erin Abed, Creative Service Manager at The Lincoln Electric Company

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