Upcycle Existing Assets With Lifestyle Integration

The Client Homewerks Worldwide

The Challenge Homewerks Worldwide came to our team in need of creating 160 lifestyle & product image assets to promote the brand's varying kitchen & bath hardware designed for the Lowe's e-commerce website. Like many online retailers, Lowe's requires partnering brands to provide unique image assets for their products not displayed anywhere else, creating a one-of-a-kind consumer experience for their online & in-store customers.

In efforts to expand its product reach, the small company comprised of a lean team against big brands hit a pain point. The Homewerks team risked losing shelf space at the Lowe's retailer with its existing library of assets currently being used on Amazon and The Home Depot. To meet the requirements and secure that shelf space at Lowe's, they learned that they needed to produce a large number of unique assets with a fast turnaround time while keeping to a tight marketing budget. This is when Homewerks turned to our team for support.

The Solution Q: How was our team able to give the Homewerks brand appealing lifestyle assets within their budget and meet their tight timeline?
A: A combination of photographed elements (such as people & water) composited into pre-existing CGI assets.

Our team is a big fan of amplifying existing assets to fulfill our client's needs. It may seem restricting at first glance, but this approach can be incredibly versatile when integrated into the world of CGI. For this project, we were able to lean into this methodology and resurrect a CGI bathroom we created for the client during a previous project. The client also needed a kitchen scene to showcase the brand's faucets, so we pulled an existing kitchen from our library of CGI room scenes. Now that we had our existing room scenes (aka environments) selected, our photographers mimicked the set-ups of both the CGI bathroom & kitchen, then photographed talent interacting with the client's product on set in-studio. After our team completed the photography portion, our digital artists composited the photo elements seamlessly into the existing CGI room scenes.

This approach not only resulted in high-end quality assets but allowed us to deliver in a way that met the client's image quantity need, quick turnaround time, and mindful budget. Win-win-win.

The Impact By obtaining these unique product & lifestyle assets, the Homewerks brand fulfilled the requirements to solidify shelf space at Lowe's. Without these assets, Homwerks would have lost the opportunity for, not only digital but physical shelf space with the global retailer. Less shelf space yields less brand awareness which can directly link to fewer sales. Had Homewerks not acquired these assets, the brand would have potentially experienced some sort of revenue loss.

How Can This Approach Help You?
Need to take your brand's product imagery to the next level? Have the assets but lack the integration of lifestyle? More and more retailers require their vendors to present lifestyle assets among the product imagery designed for online platforms. These assets help consumers relate to the advertised product and, in turn, have proven to increase sales. Whether sourcing talent for your brand's photoshoot, integrating lifestyle into pre-existing CGI room scenes, or incorporating lifestyle via the means of virtual production, our team has a solution to get you what you need.

Connect with us if you're curious about how we can deliver lifestyle integration solutions focused on making your life less stressful while helping your brand break away from those challenges holding you back from generating revenue. Kalman & Pabst–A champion for brand teams, good for your brand.