Take Control, Become Breakthrough

The Client GE Appliances

The Challenge Become breakthrough.

The problem was apparent; The established times & requirements for a significant appliance product launch were not on track due to the lack of physical product.

The product launch requirements were crystal clear; Each product had a 12-week timeframe needing visual assets of 52 stills & two 30sec feature & benefit videos. The videos required models to interact with and manipulate a product that wasn’t physically available. In addition, the videos needed to portray food being placed in, then cooking inside an oven.

The Solution A critical member of the GE team saw this problem as an opening to meet the challenge set out by his company to become breakthrough. He was open to challenging the status quo and exploring solutions and knew it was possible to take control. Aided by some good luck, he made a timely connection with KP.

Our team's goal is to make our clients' work lives trouble-free and to do whatever we can to help them be successful. The mindset that KP brings to the table focuses on understanding the challenges brand teams face. After a discovery session, it was clear that KP could help this GE team become breakthrough.

The capability that powered this solution is essentially a bit of movie magic or visual effects, aka VFX. Equally as critical was the necessity for GE and KP to work together as a team. After establishing requirements & agreeing on a path forward, GE & KP worked closely from concept to delivery. Combining our creative team and technical expertise, KP's production management team took control and managed the complexity behind the scenes and facilitated weekly status update calls creating clarity as they drove to each milestone.

The Impact​ This GE team took control and became breakthrough. They solved an issue that once induced stress and negatively impacted the people on their entire team. With this systemized solution now established, the GE team has a powerful tool moving forward to help avoid the negative financial impacts of product delays.

In addition to developing a solution that successfully met the brand's needs, this team looks exemplary inside their company to their peers. They, themselves, are seen as undeniably successful. This aspect of their job is now a little easier. They have greater control of this part of a product launch because they now have a solution in the palms of their hands that meets their challenge and requirements.

How Can This Approach Help You? Frustrated? Always behind & can’t get ahead? Need more control? We know that brand & product imagery is only one of many responsibilities you have, yet it can be a huge stress point. Our job is to understand this very aspect of yours. By utilizing cutting-edge tech & CGI, our product launch control solutions give you access to tap into infinite, scalable possibilities to achieve your needs. Anything from simple products on white to compositing lifestyle into CGI room scenes to custom animations your brand needs to educate your consumers about key features & benefits, our team can help.

Connect with us if you’re curious to learn more about how we can deliver inspired product imagery solutions focused on making your life easier while creating ROI for your brand. And let’s face it, it’ll make you look good in the process. Kalman & Pabst – A champion for brand teams, good for your brand.