On-Trend: A New Expectation in the Kitchen & Bath Industry

An increase in home projects over the past year has created high demand within the Kitchen and Bath Industry. In an industry that is highly competitive and driven by trends, consumers find themselves with a limitless supply of options when selecting the right product. Throughout the shopper’s journey, there is a high probability that these same customers are using mood boards, look books, trend pieces, and style guides to accompany their initial project research and ultimately to reach their final purchasing decision. It’s not only important to have options when it comes to the products they are purchasing, but also important that these options are on trend.

Trend Demands

Trends in Kitchen & Bath are nothing new, but the speed of the trend cycle has accelerated, leaving brands in a difficult situation when it comes to their budgets and go-to market strategy. Brands cannot rely solely on having a featured product shot in only one color and one finish option, as consumers are now wanting to see multiple options, if not every product color combination that a brand has.


Taking it a step further, consumers want to see these products in use and in on-trend, dynamic environments that fully capture a specific aesthetic. Adding in the ever-increasing factors of competition and requests for retailer-specific creative, the demand not only for product and lifestyle photography has significantly increased, but also the demand for on-trend content has increased. As brands continue to try and keep up with these demands, they are often left with difficult choices on which products to showcase and where to allocate budget.

Innovation through CGI

Generating assets for a new product launch, a new color, or a new trend can be a substantial investment for a brand. Often, there are logistics issues, location complications, color variations, retailer-specific requests or product specifications that leave brands with demands that far exceed their annual budgets.

To solve this, more and more brands are finding ways to incorporate CGI as a way to control costs and eliminate variables that would otherwise increase expenses and delay projects. For brands, this can be different than a typical photoshoot, but it allows the opportunity to scale and create additional assets that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

For example, instead of having multiple sets, props and products, a brand can create interchangeable room scenes through CGI that can be curated specifically to match current trends.

Computer generated image of dark colored kitchen looking into the dining room
Computer generated image of light colored kitchen looking into the dining room

Another example would be implementing CGI as an alternative to location shoots, allowing the technology and visual artistry of CGI to replace an otherwise complicated project. Sets now turn into room scenes that can be adjusted without purchasing new physical props, paint, fixtures, etc.

Simply put, through CGI, brands can now scale on-trend, rich content, within a timeframe and budget that is more controllable. Again, this may look different than an average photoshoot, but now it allows them the opportunity and flexibility to create in a way that keeps pace and stays current with the ever-changing trend cycle.

Kalman & Pabst CGI Studio Provides Options

Our team of experienced project managers, photographers, digital artists, and CGI specialists provide brands with a creative suite of capabilities that can inspire current projects and help innovate on future projects.

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