5 Reasons to Ask Whether Your CGI Projects are Being Outsourced

Whether you’re aware of it or not, many CGI studios outsource production of assets overseas where control, communication, and quality are often jeopardized. Project snags and delays happen behind the scenes, often too late for marketing managers to react and adjust.

At KP Photo, we are committed to managing and producing elements in-house, in our North America studio. We offer additional creative services, beyond CGI, to serve as a single point of contact for all your visual communications, backed by 30 years of experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should ask if your CGI projects are being outsourced:

1. Keeping CGI In-House Maintains Quality Control

When CGI projects are created through a single studio, a client benefits from an overall consistent quality, created by a team who is truly familiar with brand and project nuances. The risk with outsourced CGI is that marketing teams have little to no control over the experience level or brand savviness of the artists working on your project — meaning, the final CGI image may not jive with your existing library of work.

We pride ourselves on longstanding relationships, built by our mastery of light, by truly understanding our clients’ needs, and by creating an exceptional level of quality in the details to deliver consistent work, every time.

Additionally, our studio archives all CGI assets in case a client needs to resurrect a previous CGI scene and revise. This may be more challenging or impossible if the assignment is outsourced, halting your project or creating expensive and time-draining re-creation of work.

2. Outsourcing CGI Can Create a Communication Breakdown

Project direction relayed through multiple companies, time zones and language barriers can quickly lead to an unpleasant game of “telephone”. Many clients prefer to speak directly with the CGI artist, which is often impossible with overseas outsourcing — unless you really love 2 a.m. phone calls.

Our studio provides a single point of contact and access to our in-house creative team to streamline communications, reduce the risk of project missteps, and allow for open, real-time collaboration on projects. We value our client experience as much as our creative work.

3. Your Project Timeline Could be at Risk

New creative input, revisions, or correction of mistakes, are delayed by at least 24 hours when your CGI company outsources to another CGI workhouse. With critical retail or sales deadlines, this can pose a huge risk to marketing teams. Our team believes in responsive support and in providing revisions in a timely manner to keep your deadlines on track.

4. When You Want a Consistent, On-Point Aesthetic 

While there are many talented CGI companies overseas, their aesthetic approach in subtle details or interior architecture is attuned to their native country, not necessarily to your brand guidelines. Based on communication restrictions, conveying those subtle “nuances” and direction for “Americana style” is even more challenging.

From home goods to room scenes, our team is experienced in creating on-point visual imagery and motion for major national brands based on both brand style guides and accepted “Americana” style.

5. When You Need Supplemental Creative Services

During the life cycle of a CGI project, you may discover that an image requires more than the efforts of a talented CGI artist. For example, when human elements are necessary, it creates an extra step in the process — one that an outsourced CGI company can’t solve. Our studio provides a one-stop solution for CGI, digital compositing, photography, motion and more for a streamlined process with consistent creative results.

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