How 33 Years of Mastering Light Makes All the Difference For CGI

Producing Photorealistic CGI is more than a singular artist with a computer: It takes the working knowledge of professional photographers, trained CGI specialists, and talented digital artists. With humility, we say that our clients have touted us as visual brand drivers and masters of understanding how lighting evokes a mood.

Living room and fireplace created using CGI.

While CGI software ensures the production of technically flawless images, computer-generated images intended to look photorealistic can often appear stiff or fake because it doesn't reflect how shadows and highlights play out real life. This is where our team's lighting expertise truly shines.

By harnessing over three decades of experience, our mission is to create lighting that takes the ordinary image into a jaw-dropping masterpiece. 

CGI bathroom with round faucet

CGI sink with round faucet CGI sink with square faucet

CGI projects we've created for clients include Behr, Steelcase, and Hinkley Lighting. See more brands that trust us and view our multimedia studio capabilities to check out what we're able to offer you.

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