Why Choose KP Photo?

In many ways, spec’ing a creative partner is like the early stages of dating: equally exciting and intimidating, and brimming with nerve-wracking unknowns: How will we earn each other’s trust? Is it worth the effort? Will finances be an obstacle? Is this relationship going to last? As with any healthy relationship, we promise to be honest and transparent from the start, answering every question you have — and probably some you didn’t know you had — to know whether we’re a fit.

We are purpose-driven.

Creating world-class imagery and multimedia may be the service we provide, but what ultimately drives us are relationships. We cultivate a fun, collaborative, and creatively stimulating environment that places people above all else. THIS is our calling and our passion, and it’s why our clients continue to hire us, even more than a decade after our first introduction.

You are more than a project.

We know that building trust is a continuous process of listening and communicating, collaborating and leading. At KP Photo, you’re more than a project to us, and our goal is to make this small part of your job a huge success.

Collaboration and discovery

Prior to the photoshoot, we’ll discuss scope, goals, aesthetic, location, budget and other necessary details to achieve your vision. From there, our team assembles the crew and stylists, talent, props, locations and more to achieve your vision. We leave egos behind, enabling a truly collaborative atmosphere rooted in teamwork, open conversation, and ongoing cooperation with each other and with our clients. We value your perspective and want you to be on set with us to get the best possible outcome.

Adaptability and flexibility

Despite our unrelenting attention to detail, sometimes life throws us a curveball. It rains the day we plan a sunny beach photoshoot. Product doesn’t arrive on time. We know how to roll with the punches and move forward, despite unwelcome surprises, to ensure each job goes smoothly. Heck, we’ve even picked up dog poop on location to make a homeowner’s yard photo-ready. That’s commitment.

Dedication to quality

We are dedicated to making your products shine and your food absolutely mouthwatering. We’re proud of the wisdom that comes with being a company that’s 30 years old, having the confidence in shooting complex products like jewelry or lighting, the savviness to hire a camel, and the skills to do a total room makeover in Photoshop. However, we more naturally align as “30-years-young” — perpetually evolving, learning, and growing. We’re excited by new technologies and try to be ahead of the curve with design and visual communication trends.


We know it’s not easy to be out of the office for lengthy periods of time. With several photographers and the ability to run multiple, concurrent sets in studio and on-location, we can take on high volumes of work to compress the number of consecutive shoot days. Our client desks are situated on our shooting floor and conference areas so you don’t miss a beat when you’re out of the office. And, we offer a range of visual media services, saving you time and coordination with multiple outside vendors. We’re willing to push the line between possible and impossible to make that happen.

We promise a memorable experience.

We know you’re choosing to make an investment in impactful visual communications instead of using a budget studio, and we promise to make the investment worth your while. In fact, our photography-driven clients have seen up to a 300% increase in sales, easing their marketing efforts. We guarantee you'll love the results or we'll make it right.

Above all, we hope by the end of your experience, you leave the studio with a new sense of your brand’s potential and new friendships — not to mention some striking images. With the final delivery of your files, we’ll know we have fulfilled our promise to create, entertain, amaze & build lifelong relationships. How’s that for marriage material? Contact our team to get to know us a little better and share some ideas for your next project.