Food + Drink Photography

Located near the heart of Downtown Cleveland, we’re passionate about helping local businesses, as well as national companies, improve their food and beverage photography.

Expert Photographers and Food Stylists

For over three decades, KP Photo has mastered the art of mouthwatering professional food and beverage photography for renowned national brands. We harness the talents of our photographers and food stylists to create beautiful imagery that translates to stunning advertising, restaurant menus, product packaging, and a range of content marketing needs.

Food Photography Commercial Projects

From overhead and stylized tabletop sets to room scenes and locations with talent, our team can bring your vision to life. And, with four photography sets and food photography kitchens to match, the possibilities for your project are endless. Our team of experts develop, design, collaborate, and execute each food photography project to ensure creativity, budget, and timely delivery are at their highest.

See why KP Photo is touted as visual brand-drivers by our clients.