Craig Brown

Photographer & Studio Co-Owner
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Craig knew he wanted to be a photographer in the 4th grade -- since the moment he stole his parents' 35mm camera to stalk birds at their bird feeder. Throughout his childhood, Craig continued to explore outdoor and nature photography, finding inspiration during early morning trips into the swamps and farmland surrounding his hometown of Wooster, and during family vacations out west. 

To his amazement, Craig discovered that he could actually make a career of something he loved doing, and decided to major in photography at Kent State University. While in college, Craig enjoyed and excelled at studio photography and lighting and after graduating in 1992, set out to find a job. After a few months of odd jobs around Cleveland, Craig presented his portfolio to Bob Pabst and Jan Kalman, co-owners of Kalman & Pabst Photo Group. Impressed with Craig's amazing hair, and even more impressed with his portfolio, Bob and Jan hired Craig as part of the KP family. After 24 years, Craig still enjoys being a photographer for a living as much as he did that first summer with KP. In 2014, Craig purchased KP Photo with his business partner, Mike Wasserman, and enjoys this new venture as much as being behind the camera on set.

Craig currently lives in Lakewood and has two children: Hannah, an artist and varsity swimmer for Lakewood High School and Evan, a talented baseball, basketball and tennis player at his middle school. 

Craig is beloved as KP Photo's creative genius and quirky (maybe, inappropriate?) sense of humor. 

Q&A With Craig Brown

What is your quirkiest trait?

My high brow, highly educated sense of humor.

What inspires you?

Creative, energetic, and upbeat people who don’t let other’s poor attitudes effect their own integrity. The way my children view the world around them.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Haagen Dazs caramel cone ice cream and sleeping in past 9:30 on a Sunday.

What would be your superhero power?

“Tractor beam”  finger tips.

Worst fashion choice?

Really tight jeans shorts (cuffed on the thigh).

I'm Really Proud Of

I was the pitcher of my little league team in grade school. The entire time I was terrified that I would hit a batter and injure the poor kid. I'm proud of that.