Professional Tea Tasting: Secret Tea Society Visits KP

At KP, we enjoy getting to know our clients, on both a professional and personal level. More so, we love understanding what makes our professional partners tick, learning about their passions, and what ignites their creative right brains.

So what happens when we catch wind that one of our long-time clients has a mini-obsession with tea? We raise our pinkies and host a tea party!

Working closely with Angela Strach-Gotthardt, of Secret Tea Society, KP hosted a tasting, offering five different blends from around the world. Delicious (and unexpected) food pairings complemented each tea blend (hello, quail eggs) and expanded our tea knowledge while satiating our tastebuds.

We cherish our culture that has evolved and journeyed with us over the last (almost!) 30 years. While we do work hard, it’s no secret that we like to have fun. It’s a bonus when our work days have equal components of both, especially when we can share them with our clients.

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