KP Photo and Jukebox ‘Wow’ Restaurant-Goers with New Menu Photography

In a world where ‘collaboration’ is considered a buzzword, we think it’s bigger than that. We genuinely love collaboration because it creates community and new avenues of creativity.

When our friends at Jukebox wanted to spruce up their menu photography, we wanted in. From their creatively-dubbed “Appy Hour” appetizer specials to their handmade in-house pierogis, we had no doubt this would be a fun (and drool-worthy) experience.

Cleveland’s food scene is fierce, rivaling many of the top food cities in the U.S. So, Jukebox’s photography had to resonate with our Rustbelt foodies who have high tastes in flavor and fun. Instead of the traditional food-on-plate approach, our crew added photography “personality” to embody the hip Hingetown neighborhood music-first bar. Jukebox’s pierogis taste so incredible, they’re worth celebrating. So we did. 


To see our collaborative project, check out Jukebox’s new menu photography on their website here. We suggest you put Jukebox on your “visit list” ASAP. Especially if you appreciate a good pierogi; we think they have the best in town.

Cheers to a delicious collaboration, Jukebox.


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