KP Intern Alum Wins Best of Photography at Honors Show at Kent State University

At KP, we’ve been graced with the talents of Olivia Wenger, a recent studio intern from Kent State University’s School of Visual Communications and Design (VCD). Ordering lunches, picking up dry cleaning, taking out the trash, and pushing out some seriously creative ideas and photography is all in a day's work for a KP intern.

Olivia has seen a lot success both on and off set, but recently her hard work paid off in a major way as she won the Best of Photography Award at VCD’s first annual Honors Exhibition.

Olivia used her passion for fashion to create a futuristic advertisement concept for sunglasses. To create this specific look, Olivia spray painted frames with a soft color palette and created the avant-garde look. To keep the focus on the product, Olivia used traditional beauty lighting retrofitted to garner a bright yet flat look, giving the models a mannequin-like appearance.

Although Olivia’s photography style lends toward a more contrasted look with edge light, her exposure to our studio’s work has expanded her style to see that bright can be beautiful. She carved out time to conduct test shoots at KP’s encouragement to take more creative approaches with lighting and technique.

We’re always in awe of the caliber of work KP interns create, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be part of their learning journey. It also affirms our desire to hire standout talent that we ultimately hope can be part of our studio for the long run.

Olivia will graduate from Kent State in May 2016 and we hope to see Olivia continue her photography career as a freelance assistant at KP.