LunchOwl Partners with KP to Modernize a Lunch Tradition

If you’re not familiar with our Studio’s culture, you should know the KP staff has an obsession with food. Our affair with food goes beyond the camera lens, beyond our state-of-the-art commercial studio kitchens, and straight into the bellies of the staff here at KP. Endearingly, it is known as the “KP20,” for the extra pounds staffers carry with having much exposure to great food.

Our love for food is a tradition that goes back to when KP hired James Popovic and at the time, our co-founder, Jan, became concerned about the young photographer’s unhealthy eating habits. As a way to promote healthier options, Jan started buying lunch for the office to ensure James got at least one square meal a day. The tradition stuck...and nearly 30 years later, KP staffers are provided with a midday meal at no-cost.

However today, this wonderful and thoughtful tradition faced a modern meal-planning challenge of coordinating lunch for a squad of KP photographers, artists, producers and staffers with very different tastes and dietary restrictions. And as we entered the New Year, we determined, it was time to take our meal planning challenge on in a new way.

Enter: LunchOwl, an innovative workplace lunch service based in Cleveland, which provides fresh and energizing lunches to organizations. With LunchOwl, coordinating lunch/meals at KP became less of a production and more of a customized option for employees who pre-set their menu preferences with allergies and dietary restrictions considered. Upon ordering, LunchOwl then delivers the meals to KP in reusable containers (hooray for sustainability!) and then even handles the after-meal dishwashing (hooray for no clean-up!).

With LunchOwl, our staff gets to enjoy one of the best aspects of our culture: Spending time together as a KP Family and putting on the “KP20.” However, because the meal-options are healthy and well-rounded with nutrition, we might have to find new ways to keep “KP20” tradition...or not. And by the way, to this day, James continues with his healthier eating habits (Thanks, Jan!).