KP Hosts CreativeMornings CLE: Workspace Strategy

Research shows that people relate work to torture, so it was only fitting that Scott Ashley, senior workplace strategist at Vocon, brought up the subject of torture…er, this month's CreativeMornings Clevelandgathering, hosted at Kalman & Pabst Photo Group’s studio (See more photos here).

Scott works with clients to create workspaces that communicate company culture and brand, while meeting the needs of multi-generational employees. He explained the importance of pushing cultural boundaries and how to explore new ideas in creating a more joyful and functional work space.

20 percent of our daily work happiness is based on the space in which we work,so it is important to create a space that brings a little joy to every day life.

Focus on the primary function of the organization while embracing the new way to work.The office should be a meeting place, not a working place.

Pay attention to the flow of the organization and how it flexes between collaborative and independent environments

In closing, Scott mentioned that companies often use a workspace reconfiguration as an opportunity to rework the culture of an organization: Take a step back and think about the bigger picture. If a new visitor doesn't feel connected to your work space, imagine what your employees feel like.

As we listened to Scott share these thoughts to more than 100 people in our century-old factory building, it challenged us to take another introspective look into our workspace. Having grown from our original 2 founders to 14 employees, our workspace needs are ever-evolving for both staff and client needs alike.It takes a constantawareness and acollective effort to keep our space warm and welcoming while fostering our best work and — most importantly — our creativity.

See the full session here.