KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Jaime Aerni

Name: Jaime Aerni

Role at Kalman & Pabst: Production Coordinator

Years at KP: KP has pleasantly kept her around since 2010 in various roles - Intern (2010); Freelancer (through 2015); Full-time Staffer (almost 1 yr)

Number of KP Art Shows: This will be Jaime’s first Show as a full-time staffer - Attended (2009); entered with limited work (2012, 2014)

Jaime’s 2016 Collection: A collection of everyday life - framed or printed metal.


The collection was insp

ired by a turning point in Jaime’s life, when she was living in both Ohio and South Carolina, and trying to figure it all out!

The Process

Jaime is working for two, as she is pregnant, yet still managing to get everything in place before the show...or the baby’s arrival.


Opening Night:MAY 13, 2016 5p-10p

Additional Gallery Hours:Saturday, May 14th, 2016 1pm - 6pm

* Open to the public

* More Than 600 Pieces of Art

* To Benefit The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland

* The KP Learn more and RSVP