KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Madison Hunkus

Name: Madison Hunkus

Role at KP: Production Coordinator


Years at KP: 2 years


Number of KP Art Shows: 2nd (first one she attended as an intern)

About Madison's Collection:

The theme is Mortality, Memento Mori, Remembrance, Morality…. Human interaction and connection to animals in death. Featuresphoto transfers on wood and canvas, screen prints and framed archival pigment prints. A mix of traditional film and digital photography, as well as alternative processes.


Animal processing. Death and mortality. Everyday things that caught her eye, and animals in general. On numerous occasions, Madison stopped her car when she saw something visually interesting.

The Process:

Madison has a more of a spontaneous and relaxed approach to her work, which involved collecting skulls, taxidermy and bones as the opportunities were presented.


Opening Night: MAY 13, 2016 5p-10p

Additional Gallery Hours: Saturday, May 14th, 2016 1pm - 6pm

* Open to the public

* More Than 600 Pieces of Art

* To Benefit The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland

* The KP Learn more and RSVP at: