Crain's Cleveland: Striking A Pose Is What KP Photo Does Best

We’ve always told folks who haven't visited our studio that it’s hard to describe the vibe at KP Photo. Beyond the grandeur of a photography studio, there’s so much more that leaves a memorable impression on crew and clients alike. So, we were thrilled when Crain’s Cleveland freelance journalist, Mark Oprea, dropped by to experience our culture firsthand and capture the personalities that shape the KP Photo studio.

Mark spent his morning absorbing the sights and sounds of the studio, and learning why character integral to our company’s success as we enter our 30th year of business.

Not only did Mark capture the energy of the studio perfectly in his article, but his words painted a sensory picture of what a day in the life is like for our crew and clients. We’re proud to share this wonderfully-written feature story to give you a small taste of why we’re so proud of our Cleveland business gem. (Confession: We may have gotten a little choked up.)

To read the Crain’s Cleveland article in its entirety, click here.

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