5 Weird Signs That You're Creative

If you’ve convinced yourself at any time in your life that you’re just not that creative, it’s time to take a second look. We found a few indicators that prove your creativity is off the charts.

5 Weird Signs You’re Creative

1. You Are Easily Distracted

Who says you can't multitask....with your brain?

Being easily distracted goes hand in hand with high creativity, according to a study led by Dr. Darya Zabelina. The results found that creative people can’t cut off exterior noises such as people talking, car horns, etc.

Whether it’s how you’re wired – naturally being more sensory – or just a symptom of being creative, the side effect is a short attention span and a tendency to wander. While frustrating for their coworkers, there is a huge payoff: Creatives have the ability to weave together ideas while focusing on something else. This often leads to really outstanding ideas and brainstorming. If you need ideas in a time crunch and you need to really concentrate, use sound blockers and hop over to a quiet spot to channel all that creative energy without making the deadline-driven project managers bonkers.

2. You’re An emotional chameleon

It’s no surprise that artists are more sensing and feeling individuals. They’re empathetic and seemingly absorb the emotion of the present, happy or sad. The unpleasant side effect is that worry and the stronger emotional pull can overwhelm creatives, leading to shorter fuses, outbursts and even pouting. That can be hard to navigate for loved ones and co-workers who aren’t as feelings-oriented and peg you as being “dramatic”.

Embrace your emotional side. “All the feels” manifest themselves into the beautiful work you create. Just try to keep a check on when things are close to boiling over and find ways to pinpoint why you feel what you feel for more productive conflict management.

3. You Are a Night Owl

Creatives burn the midnight oil, but not because they’re workaholics – they are on a completely different “brain wave”. It’s totally backed by research, too. A London study showed that night owls scored three times higher on creativity tests than others. Researchers believe that this is because those who stay up late have a different schedule that is outside the norm, which triggers creative activity. The only disadvantage is that 6 a.m. alarm clock. To creatives, the need to sleep always seems to get in the way of greatness.

4. You Are Sarcastic


One study led by Harvard researchers found that sarcasm can actually trigger creative thinking. It’s no wonder satirical news sites are such a big hit these days.

Both those who use sarcasm and those who receive it are constantly making sense between the literal and the sarcastic meaning, which activates the creative thinking of the individual, according to professor Francesca Gino.

An additional theory states that sarcasm can’t destroy close relationships. We say you should probably make sure you have a good pulse on just how close your relationships are. Another sign of being a creative is being a jerk so…tread lightly.

5. You Genuinely Love to Create…Anything

As we mentioned earlier, creatives aren’t just the stereotypical artists that get glorified for their craft. There are many creative people who have to be creative in their 9-to-5’s or have hidden talents or gifts that simply haven’t been shared with the world on a full-time basis.

  • Your accountant could be writing the next bestselling murder mystery novel.
  • Your engineer might be moonlighting as a standup comedian.
  • Your sales manager might be making BBQ sauces out of his home.


So, to all the creative people out there, whether you’re hustling full time or love to create for fun, we embrace you and celebrate your amazing talents.

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