When Your Boss Asks You for the Impossible

As lifestyle brands continue to inspire and motivate their audiences, so rises the need for more, seamless content without sacrificing authenticity. But what happens when creating your visual content is more overwhelming than anticipated because of its complexity, cost, lack of available product, or limited time?

Our crew explored these very challenges. By combining mastery of light with our CGI, video (motion), and digital artistry capabilities, we’re able to create a realistic lifestyle scene and address the typical constraints marketers often face.

Why a Multi-Media CGI Studio Provides Endless Possibilities, Fewer Headaches

With tighter marketing lead times that don’t always align with product availability or seasonality, there’s more pressure than ever to deliver quality content that gains traction. There are several benefits of working with a multi-media partner that excels in all areas — from concept to CGI to the final outcome

You Don’t Have the Headache of Working with Multiple Vendors: Marketing and brand managers hire creative partners to delegate responsibilities. However, they still find themselves in the position of being a project manager, reviewing, approving, and orchestrating with multiple contacts — hoping that all the pieces fall into place on time, with consistent quality and strategy. It’s exhausting! Having one multi-media expert with a single point of contact can alleviate stress, time, and finances.

Create the Impossible: If you need to showcase something organic, like a human, in a scene that doesn’t exist yet, a studio that combines motion and CGI is able to create video-realistic assets without stretching the marketing lead time. Years ago, this type of technology simply wasn’t accessible or affordable for brands. Now, we can seamlessly integrate a person within something that doesn’t exist. A cell phone provider, for example, can show a teen carrying a next-gen cell phone long before the physical prototype is actually produced.

Get Your Work Done: You don’t need to be in the studio for long stretches of time while projects like this are completed. A multi-service studio will have project managers coordinate with you via phone or email to share feedback, saving time and travel expenses.

You Can Still be a Control Freak: With projects like this — specifically for CGI elements — you have complete control over your visual assets with textures, fabrics, products, and beyond. Even if you need multiple versions of the same room scene, like the patios below, you can make as many changes as you need to allow for specific aesthetics you’re looking to bring to life.


Fountain of Youth: CGI assets have more longevity than photographic projects. You have the ability to go back to your project after time and change out different aspects since the digital files live infinitely on a hard drive.

An Experienced, Award-Winning Multi-Media Partner – Kalman & Pabst

While there are many advantages in working with a creative partner who understands all the moving parts for lifestyle projects — and has the talent to boot — authenticity is ultimately what sells lifestyle marketing. In order to do photorealistic CGI correctly, the entire image must look like it was created using a camera, or it feels fake. The same goes for photography and videography, especially when directing talent on set.

As a multi-media studio, our combination of expert knowledge across multiple services equips us with many ways to help elevate your visual brand. It’s this drive to create excellent work that has propelled us to success for over 30 years.

You come with the idea, we make it a reality. And we’ll help you successfully navigate complex projects in the most efficient and versatile manners for the best possible outcome. View more of our work here.