Whitney Tucker

Marketing Specialist
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What is in My Bag

Whitney's "What's In My Bag?"

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Whitney Tucker is a Marketing Specialist and Pun Ambassador at Kalman & Pabst. During her 9-5, Whitney is responsible for KP’s lead generation, strategy implementation, brand consistency, portfolio integrity, and also serves as trusted side-kick to the sales & marketing department.

While attending Cleveland State University, Whitney learned of a semester-long marketing internship at Kalman & Pabst. With the intrigue of photography and passion for marketing, she jumped at the opportunity to apply and was ecstatic to learn she made the cut.

Although upper-body strength isn't her strongest suit, Whitney has climbed the proverbial ladder from marketing intern to marketing specialist in three years. So, moral of the story? If you overstay your welcome, you eventually get hired. Or, persistence is key. One of the two.

Outside of the studio walls, Whitney enjoys personifying puns in her doodles, connecting with inspired people, and traveling….anywhere. Locally, internationally, digitally (Netflix via the internet), you name it!

Q&A With Whitney Tucker

What Inspires You?

Positive thinkers & humans who are unapologetic for who they are.

WHAT ARE YOUR Quirkiest TraitS?

- I wear pencils as accessories. It's a rare occasion if you don't spot a black Ticonderoga pencil behind my left ear.

- Whether you sneeze once or 13 times, I will say "bless you" after each sneeze.

- I'm surprisingly good at bagging groceries. I used to professionally compete in bagging competitions. Poke fun all you want, but I placed three consecutive years at regionals and my winning loot paid for a couple college classes. 

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Midnight coffee.

WHAT Would be your superhero power?

The ability to time travel. Hands down.

Worst fashion choice?

Vibram FiveFingers—the shoe version of toe socks.

I'm Really Proud Of

- Putting myself through college. 

- My credit score.