KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: James Popovic

Name: James Popovic

Role at KP: Digital Artist

Years at KP: 27 Years

Number of KP Art Shows: This is James’ 6th show….not one sick day since show’s inception!

About James’ Collection:

Features 360 degree panoramics of Martha’s Vineyard, with a blend of 75 exposures to create more dimension and depth. Images have a dual purpose: For large framed art prints and for a quicktime virtual reality experience on the computer.


Love for the New England landscape and the sometimes magical feel of the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The Process:

Has traditionally done panoramics in the past, but this is a further study of the panoramic format and experimentation with a variety of wide angle lenses.


Opening Night: MAY 13, 2016 5p-10p

Additional Gallery Hours: Saturday, May 14th, 2016 1pm - 6pm

* Open to the public

* More Than 600 Pieces of Art

* To Benefit The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland

The KP Learn more and RSVP at: