I'd Cap That Contest

We don't have many rules at the studio, but there is one we unanimously respect: Keep the fridge stocked full of cold brewskis. We've cracked open quite a few bottles of liquid therapy with clients to unwind after a long day...or week...or month...on set.

As an exercise in creativity, we've been collecting our bottle caps in a seems-too-high-to-ever-possibly-fill tube, in hopes of transforming the caps into something cool for the studio.

Today, we've reached a new milestone: We finally filled the tube to the brim. And to celebrate this feat of all brew feats, we want to share our next cold one with you.

Guess how many bottle caps we've collected by commenting on our Twitter, FacebookorInstagram page. The one with the closest guess will win a case of his/her favorite brew (or beverage), on us.

Toss out your best guess now through the end of May. Bonus points for creative ideas on how to upcylcle the bottle caps for something fun in the studio.

Good luck!