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Rosie Hileman is an artist and photographer based in Cleveland, OH. She attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and received a BFA in Photography. Rosie followed her passion by pursuing photography in both the fine art and commercial fields. She strives to stay immersed in the rich food and art culture that is so characteristic of Cleveland. Inspired by different cultures and their idiosyncrasies, Rosie has traveled to many countries in pursuit of experiencing their particular way of life and applying it to her images. It's rare to see Rosie without a smile and a word of encouragement, even during the most stressful moments on the job. 

Q&A With Rosie Hileman

What inspires you?

Other artists, particularly sculpture artists and painters. Really anyone who is insanely passionate about their craft be it styling, creating food, or gardening.

What would be your superhero power?

It would definitely be teleportation. I spend a lot of my free time traveling, so it certainly would have cut down on that 32 hour flight back from Thailand! Plus, think about the awesome drone-less arial images you could get if you could just teleport into the sky, take a photo, and then teleport back down.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Baking! After working at a bakery in Little Italy for several years during college, it fueled my passion for creating and sharing pastries…and breads…and cookies…and I could just keep going for a while.

Worst fashion choice?

The Cleveland Institute of Art was an amazing place to be free in your aesthetic choices of what to wear, but I’m going to have to say that in college I had a rather severe looking asymmetrical hair cut (think very short on one side to very long on the other), streaked with blue. I love that I had the audacity to tackle a look like that, though I do tend to go for something a little more tame now.

I'm Really Proud Of

- I’ve been to every state west of Ohio (and several on the East Coast, too!)
- My infallible desire to travel more, no matter where I just came back to Cleveland from.
- My ability to make some seriously delicious pies.
- Riding an elephant with no harness (I'm afraid of heights and elephants are TALL!)