Michelle Loufman

Marketing and New Business Coordinator
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Michelle knew she was destined to have a career in marketing when she recorded her first radio "commercial" on her purple boombox as a child. After getting her degree in Marketing from Clemson University, Michelle immersed herself in a variety of careers -- from retail management, software, advertising and public relations for major national and international brands. During this time, Michelle discovered her passion in photography and through a serendipitous series of events, Michelle joined KP Photo team in 2014 to lead marketing and new business activities. She still claims this as her dream job.

When she's not at work, Michelle enjoys outdoor adventures and traveling with her husband.


Q&A With Michelle Loufman

What do you do during your "5 to 9" (after work)?

It's odd saying this because I work for a photography studio, but I'm a good example of an anomaly of the crew -- the person who doesn't have a photography or art/digital editing background, but wholeheartedly embraces the craft. I've been able to build a budding side business that sustains a hobby I enjoy: photographing my journeys, and portraits of some really amazing people.

What's your quirkiest trait?

This is more embarrassing than quirky, especially given my role at KP, but I forget names. All. The. Time. I'm a very sensory person, and process clues about my world that way. So while I'll remember your face, notice you have a new haircolor or remember your favorite coffee, it's very possible that I will forget your name. It's nothing personal, but for some reason, I connect with the details and not the name, which ironically, is one in the same. *sigh*

What inspires you?

Traveling to countries that don't have the economic wealth like ours. Ironically, some of the happiest and most generous people are among the tribes in Africa who lack clean water or the shop owners in Indonesia who depend heavily on tourism to put food on the table. I would just as soon not travel than to stay in an all-inclusive resort. You miss the essence of a country -- its culture -- by not fully immersing yourself in the good, bad and ugly to appreciate what you do have. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Malley's Bordeaux Chocolates, which is the most heavenly combination of English toffee, almonds and chocolate. I live exactly 500 steps away from a Malley's and can eat a one-pound box in less than 20 minutes (this is NOT an exaggeration). Biscoff cookies are a close second.

What would be your superhero power?

Teleportation. I don't necessarily love long flights, but it would be nice to not have to use 2-3 vacation days to travel to faraway lands. And don't get me started on United Airlines...

Worst fashion choice?

A stupid strapless dress I wore to my 10-year high school reunion. It unwittingly created a very embarrassing expose moment, and I swore off ever wearing strapless dresses again. Wedding included.

I'm Really Proud Of

1) The time I won a hula-hoop contest and scored free Jimmy John's and a spa certificate.

2) My photography side hustle: