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Production Coordinator
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At a very young age Madison’s parents knew she was going to be a handful. She was independent, adventurous, outgoing, outspoken, and the leader of the pack. She discovered her love of art through her mother, who was often painting watercolors and running her own graphic design business at home. Madison was an artist, a mess maker, and a lover of every animal that crossed her path. Not much has changed since then, but Madison's passions and skills led her to her current role at KP Photo and as a successful artist.

After taking every film photography class her high school had to offer and more, Madison decided to apply to the Cleveland Institute of Art to continue her learning and passion for photography. She was accepted to CIA and graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Photography in 2014. Madison interned at KP her senior year and was quickly hired as a Production Coordinator following her graduation.

Today, Madison continues on her creative journey as a fine art photographer and creator. She is fascinated by mortality of both humans and animals and combines her photography with several mediums to bring attention to the impermanence of life.

Q&A With Madison Hunkus

What Do You Do During Your “5 To 9” (After work)? 

Where do I begin... I love to knit, crochet and sew pretty much anything. Whether on my phone, film camera, or in the studio, I shoot whenever and wherever possible. Exploring/adventuring and stumbling upon beauty is one of my favorite things - especially when I’m not expecting it. I frequently take my dogs (Tyson and Nina) to the park and studio while I’m working on projects. And last but definitely not least… I love wine.

What Inspires You?

I am mostly inspired by animals and nature, as well as podcasts on long drives and good conversations… the ones where you could go on and on with ease about anything and lose track of time. And Pinterest of course.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

I love shopping, chocolate, salt and vinegar chips and ice cream… all at the same time? Sure.

WHAT’S YOUR Quirkiest Trait?

Well, I like to photograph dead animals. I look like a different person every other month… and I’m surprisingly very organized with my work life, but very unorganized with my personal life. I can pretty much plan/organize anything if it’s not for myself.

WHAT Would be your superhero power?

Maybe not a superhero… but Matilda was pretty much my childhood idol and telekinesis would be awesome.

Worst fashion choice?

I thought it was edgy to wear a black and white striped turtle neck for my driver's license photo in high school… it wasn’t edgy. It looked like a mug shot. Lesson learned.

I'm Really Proud Of

The scholarship I received for college and getting hired at KP one day after my graduation. I worked really hard to set myself up for a successful career that I was passionate about and I achieved my goal in no time.