Justin Falasca

CGI Artist
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Justin Falasca is a CGI artist specializing in photography via 3D visualization, and brings more than a decade of industry experience to the KP Photo team.

Justin has always been drawn to fine arts and technology and found a way to incorporate these two subjects into his passion of CGI. Justin prides himself on being equally left- and right-brained to create work that lives at the crossroads of art, science, and technology.

Q&A With Justin Falasca

What do you do during your “5 to 9” (After work)?

Cooking, Yoga, working on my house, learning new and useless information, my saltwater reef tank.

What is your quirkiest trait?

The ability for my workplace to go from obsessively tidy to a full blown chaotic mess in the blink of an eye.

What inspires you?

The world of detail around me. The investigation of form, function and the feeling induced on macro and micro levels.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


What would be your superhero power?

Control over the time and space.

Worst fashion choice?

JNCO jeans and Loony Tunes t-shirts back in grade-school.

I'm Really Proud Of

The fact that I have been able to position myself into a career I love all while working along side a group of the most talented, caring, and amusing individuals I have ever encountered.