Warmest Wishes From the KP Family!

We’ve made it to December, friends. The month that promises gentle hugs from cozy sweaters, extra blankets of stillness at dusk, and frosted glass framing many views from within.

While reflecting on this past year, we may inherently tend to latch onto the challenges that 2020 brought our families, businesses, and communities. Although there is a lot to be said about these hurdles, we’d like to shift the focus for a moment. To optimism. This year has undoubtedly offered our team many gifts; it’s taught us new ways to connect with one another, encouraged us to keep perspective on what’s important, fostered growth & deep thinking, and elevated our sense of gratitude.

With our rose-colored glasses still on the brims of our noses, we look forward to carrying and using these gifts 2020 has given us into the new year. Much like a child peeking into a snow globe with wonderment of the world inside, we are curious and hopeful to see what the new year has in store.

Thank you for being such a bright light for our team, especially in this seemingly dull year. Our warmest of wishes for you this season are to be well, feel joy, encounter kindness, and find peace.

With immense gratitude, Happy Holidays, from your friends at KP.