To A Year of Reimagining

We're mere hours away from saying goodbye to this peculiar year. Along with most endings, two things often follow: reflecting on what once was & envisioning what lies ahead.

If we learned anything from the last year, it's that trying to predict what the future holds is a fool's errand. But we can't help but try anyway, right? We are planners. We are predictors. Wanting to understand what is next is simply innate. So, we're tossing a third word into the mix that encourages us to keep the course even in the midst of unforeseen challenges: reimagining.

Reimagine. That's a verb our team is taking with us as we enter into the new year. It encourages us to keep questioning & refining our process. It inspires us to continuously think outside of the box. It saves space for the inevitable need for adaptation and welcomed growth. And, it's wonderfully hopeful.

The snow will fall, then melt. The days will get longer, then warmer. The flowers will bud, then bloom. Our outside world is constantly being reimagined. So, why shouldn't we? It feels like a great word to lean into as we enter 2022.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and "reimaginative" New Year!
Your Friends at KP