The Unsung Heroes of CGI: Taking Perfect CGI to Authentic Imagery

Have you ever seen a computer-generated image and thought…something just ain’t right? Believe it or not, there are times when a CG image looks a little too perfect to be real, and it needs to be “unperfected” to feel authentic.


First, let’s explain more about the CGI process itself. CGI, by the very nature of the software used to create computer-generated imagery, is so technically perfect, it doesn’t always reflect what we as humans see in real life.

It’s not uncommon to look at a CG image and think, “Something looks weird, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.” The image may look a bit “off” because of a shadow oddity, or perhaps a surface is a little too shiny compared to the object in real life. Natural distortions happen with light, angles, etc. which oftentimes aren’t reflected in a CG image output. These are examples of where digital artists save the day.


Digital artists (retouchers) are the secret weapon and key component behind making your brand’s CGI look authentically real.

They pull back the technically perfect image and add in the realistic flaws that happen in real life. Digital artists aren’t “dirtying” an image or creating unnecessary work, but applying humanistic touches that make the image feel genuine.


Digital artists take it from perfection to reality, allowing your brand’s audience to spend more time focused on your product vs. wasting time contemplating what is making the image look “weird” when they see it.

Additionally, digital artists are a great asset to have when creating efficiencies. Once they get their hands on a freshly rendered image, they add in the extra touches of realism that CGI can do but would take longer to complete in the program. In short, it’s using the right tool for the job, creating time and cost efficiencies.

Doesn’t this seem like a lot of work or expense?

It’s really not a far-fetched idea. Editing has been done on photographs since darkroom days. And even digital photography is polished to take the image from great to superb, even when shot perfectly well out of camera.


Our world is in the next phase of digital image creation with CGI. Digital artistry ties CGI together from perfection back to reality – making images pop where even the best light and technical setting out of the CGI software can’t achieve efficiently. They’re our secret weapon in our creative toolbox to execute aesthetically pleasing and successful imagery.

If you haven’t explored CGI for your brand because something just didn’t feel quite right, we urge you to take another look, and contact our crew. Because of the flexibility, longevity and, in many cases, cost-savings, CGI is becoming a fast favorite for forward-thinking brands. View more CGI work here, and explore our digital artistry capabilities!