Spotlight on KP Photo Digital Artistry Techniques: Compositing and Transformation

Compositing and Transformation

The talented and creative digital artists at KP Photo have collaborated with national brands in many different industries to create beautiful digitally enhanced images, using techniques such as digital compositing and image transformation.  Today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on our digital artists along with the techniques they’ve mastered to show how they complement and elevate photography and CGI.

First, what exactly is compositing and transformation?  By industry definition, compositing is the art of using visual elements compiled from different photographs or files, then combining them seamlessly into one photo or image.  KP’s digital artists are able to take compositing techniques to an advanced level for complex composite images.  Our digital retouchers also use their skill sets to create advanced transformations by manipulating and illustrating the elements within images.  For example, check out the Progressive Insurance ice cream camper.

Progressive Insurance Ice Cream Camper

For this creative compositing and transformation project, our digital artists used multiple visual elements, compositing them together to create an entirely new image.  The result is this whimsical ice cream camper, created for Progressive Insurance.

Progressive Ice Cream Camper


Photo and CGI Beer Can

Using a combination of photography, CGI, and digital artistry, our team produced a photorealistic image of a beer can that doesn’t actually exist.  In order to accomplish this, we first photographed an aluminum can with a plain white label.  Our client then sent us Illustrator files of the label artwork they wanted to be placed on the can, which was then created using CGI.  Once the label was rendered, one of our digital artists digitally manipulated the label artwork, “wrapping” it around the can in the original photograph, to produce the final image transformation below.


Inserting Visual Elements into Pre-Existing Images

Another skill our digital artists have mastered is the art of inserting visual elements into pre-existing images. One of our clients asked us to add a human element into an existing photograph of a dining room. 

In order to do this, we first replicated the set-up of the dining room and photographed the model who would ultimately appear in the final image. Then, our digital artists inserted the visual elements of the model and accessories into the existing image, creating the following composite.


Post-Production Additions and Change-Outs

Sometimes clients have the need to photograph multiple products that are very similar in style, yet have subtle differences.  Instead of photographing every product, it can be more efficient to capture one by camera, then make additions or change-outs to the product in post-production to reflect the different styles.

For example, we photographed one of our client’s products on set, with the instruments in hand.  Then, our digital artists added new elements in post-production, such as the additional instrument in the background, and changed out the blank LCD screen with a new version containing information.  The before and after image transformation is below.


In short, image composite and transformation techniques can be applied in many different ways.  With almost 85 years of collective experience among our four award-winning digital artists, we’re confident we have what it takes to produce the highest quality imagery around.

Have questions?  Send us a note!  We’d love to learn about your project needs and share how we can make your job easier and you successful!