One Is Not Like The Other: 6 Types of Commercial Photoshoots

Once a company decides they’re in need of professional commercial photography, it’s time to decide what kind is needed. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is as important in marketing and business as it is in life. The right kind of photography and photoshoot will allow you to engage and connect with customers, reach a new audience, improve the look of your website, or increase brand awareness. A professional picture could mean the difference between a successful project and lack-luster results.

To help get your project started in the right direction, here are 6 types of commercial photoshoots that your brand can use to tell the right story.

1. Products

Product photoshoots involve just the product you want to highlight usually with a white background. Product only photos are good for e-commerce websites, catalogs, and other print advertisements. Product photoshoots are clean and simple when highlighting the product and its details are the main goal.

Similar to a product only photoshoot, environmental product shoots involve the product with a background other than white, and often other props to give the shot a complete look. The goal of products in their “natural” environment is to tell a story and help the audience imagine the product in their home, office, or wherever it may belong.

2. Lifestyle

One of the most creative kinds of photoshoots are lifestyle. These involve capturing a product or service in everyday life. This could be a group of people grilling out, sitting at the table for a family meal, or two people gardening together. Lifestyle photography and photoshoots can be indoor or outdoor and usually involve models or animals with the goal of connecting with an audience to capture a natural, relaxed, and candid moment.

3. On Location

On location photoshoots are typically used when a certain atmosphere, space, or aesthetic is desired, yet may not best be achieved in a studio setting. Although the logistics of location scouting along with transporting and setting up equipment can be challenging, on location shoots offer their own beneficial factors. For example, shooting on location can be a cheaper alternative than recreating and constructing large, expensive sets. In addition, these types of photoshoots allow the photographer to capture the environment in its natural state, making the realism of the photoshoot stronger.

Whether on a beach in the middle of a Cleveland winter or in a glass house in Los Angeles, the possibilities are endless on what can be achieved with on location photoshoots.

4. Room Sets

Either on location or in a pre-built studio, room set photoshoots are designed specifically for the project, product, or service that is being conveyed. For example, a photoshoot for a bed frame would include other elements that you would see in a bedroom: rugs, bedside tables, lamps, wall art, etc. This gives the shoot a complete and natural look, allowing users to see the product in its native setting.

5. Portrait

Portrait photoshoots are used by individuals or businesses that need professional headshots for their team members. Depending on budget and creativity, portrait photoshoots can be in an indoor studio, on location at the company, or even on location outside. Portrait photoshoots can help improve the professionalism of a company’s or individual’s website and print material.

6. Food

Another creative photoshoot is for food and recipes. There are unlimited angles, backgrounds, and surrounding props that can be used to capture the perfect shot. Food photoshoots can be specifically for the food or recipe or to capture a product in action such as a blender, cheese grater, or culinary knife. Similar to lifestyle photoshoots, food photoshoots help bring a recipe to life, and allowing the audience to almost taste the food through imagery.

Professional Photoshoots

Whether it’s through any one of these six types of photoshoots or possibly another one of our creative service offerings (CGI, Digital Artistry, Motion), our team is the epicenter of dynamic imagery. We can help bridge the gap of your visual needs to launch a new product, captivate an audience, introduce new team members, or rebrand an organization. KP Photo has a passion for thriving creative communities and fervently maintains a creative-solutions mindset.

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