More Than A Light Bulb: How GE Lighting Used CGI to Convey the Technology Behind LED+ Light Bulbs

Ah, the light bulb. Arguably one of the more life-changing creations of all human inventions. A symbol of innovation, brilliant ideas, and “aha” moments in creativity. So how does a mainstay brand like GE Lighting convey new twists on a classic invention?

The Project: So Much More Than a Lightbulb

GE Lighting introduced a new series of five GE Lighting LED + Light Bulbs and needed a visually unified story to convey each product's features which would positively improve and simplify the consumer's daily life.

The new bulbs really are quite amazing: From one that doubles as a speaker to another that has a battery backup for power outages, they evoke a sense of convenience and security. These products ultimately offer a simple solution to everyday household needs built into the ubiquitous light bulb.

The Problem: Speed to Market and Consumer Education

Speed to market was critical as was the need to fully educate the consumer’s understanding of the light bulb’s functionality in a concise, yet brief consumer engagement window.

The Solution:

Our creative team developed relatable stories around each light bulb by developing a surreal GE Lighting neighborhood with animated computer-generated imagery (CGI). 

Why CGI vs. traditional video? 

  • GE Lighting didn’t have to sacrifice anything they wanted in the CGI videos; we created the exact home all had envisioned for this project.
  • GE Lighting could better highlight the features of its new products with a more dramatic approach and mood (think: thunderstorm power outage) that’s much harder to produce in traditional video. 
  • Faster speed to market. Traditional video requires location scouting, sourcing furniture, and purchasing physical props involved in video production.
  • The need for drones and robotics would have drastically increased the budget of the job vs. our approach with CGI.
  • GE Lighting will always have these digital assets. We can make cost-effective changes tomorrow or two years from now without having to revisit a location or build new sets.


The Results

Five dynamically original animated CGI videos with one cohesive feel were produced in less time than traditional video. These assets were featured within multiple online platforms, in-store end cap displays, and tradeshows. 

View all of the GE Lighting CGI videos here:

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