KP Photoshoots Amid Global Pandemic: What To Expect

The world is a very different place than what it was just less than a year ago. At this point, this is news to absolutely no one. From a macro perspective to a micro outlook, everyone has been impacted by the pandemic in some fashion. States, businesses, and people alike had to, and continue to, adapt in order to not only function successfully, but to simply persevere. Our team, including.

So, as your brand’s needs continue to press on, we’re here to press on with you to help accomplish your goals. You need to book a photoshoot during a global pandemic? Here’s what you can expect when collaborating with us.

Our staff primarily works from home

Our daily water cooler chats have morphed into sweatpant-clad FaceTime calls these days since most of the KP staff are set up to work from home. Only essential crew are present during photoshoots to keep the number of folks in the studio to an absolute minimum. Typically we will have the photographer, stylists(s), assistant, and project manager on set.

“Fit For Duty” Checks

Upon arrival at the studio, our team requires all guests (our crew included) to complete a temperature check & wellness questionnaire at our Sanitation Station. We also require face masks to be worn during the entirety of each guest’s visit.

I know you’re tired of these words, but… Social Distancing

We like greeting our guests with hugs just as much as the average grandma, but we’re refraining and keeping a respectable six feet apart from one another. We request that everyone in the studio does the same as well.

Virtual client set-up

If you would like to be in-studio for the duration of the shoot, you are more than welcome. However, we also have an option to have you join us, but in a virtual sense. We’re able to loop you into what’s happening live on the shooting floor so you won’t miss a beat if you elect to work from your office or home (in your pjs).

We’ll still feed you, don’t worry!

If you’re familiar with spending time at our studio, you most likely know that you don’t usually go home hungry. This hasn’t changed. Instead of serving breakfast on platters & lunches “come & get it!!” style, we’ll have single-served meals ready to go for you to enjoy. (We’ll also have candy ready upon request. This will never change.)

We’ve got gobs of sanitization supplies

We clean our equipment, countertops, and general surfaces multiple times throughout the day to reduce the number of germs that tend to collect & linger. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and surface cleaners are accessible all throughout the studio. We’re as serious about a sanitized work environment as Danny Tanner is about his customized cleaning tool belt.

Should it be necessary for businesses to close down again per state guidelines, we do have strategies and alternative options in place we can explore to help achieve your asset needs. Our creatives are extremely adaptable (it’s one of many superpowers they embody). Even during shutdowns, we still want to hear what your needs are. We love problem-solving and are confident we can identify a solution to help you tackle your visual needs, even during a global pandemic.

To sum it up: We take social distancing, mask-wearing, hand-washing, surface-cleaning, and CDC guidelines very seriously. We pride ourselves in making our work environment safe and comfortable for our clients, freelancers, and our team. If you have any questions about our COVID Guidelines, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re happy to have a conversation with you!