KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Brooke Figer

Name: Brooke Figer

Role at KP: Digital Artist

Years at KP: 10

Number of KP Art Shows: 4

About Brooke’s Collection: Her most current collection contains paintings and drawings of still-life objects and creatures to represent the fragility of life, gratitude, and perseverance.


Inspiration: 17th Century Dutch Vanitas still-lifes and beauty in every day experiences and objects

The Process: Oil painting, graphite drawings, oil pastel painting and a splash of photography


Opening Night: MAY 13, 2016 5p-10p

Additional Gallery Hours: Saturday, May 14th, 2016 1pm - 6pm

* Open to the public

* More Than 600 Pieces of Art

* To Benefit The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland

* The KP Learn more and RSVP at: