Inside an Award-Winning Home in Cleveland Heights

KP freelance stylist Melissa McClelland’s behind-the-scenes talents have been making headlines for national clients for years. However, it was her turn to bask in the spotlight recently when she and her husband, Len Mastri, won the Cleveland Heights Community Improvement Award for their renovated home.

For more than 35 years, Cleveland Heights has recognized individual homeowners, businesses and organizations that have worked to improve their properties, contributing to the vitality and beauty of the city. Residents nominate a property based on restoration or renovation, in addition to several other award categories.

Despite the seeing the home’s drab facade, Melissa and Len envisioned their future in the mid-1950’s home, which was on the market for more than a year. Seeing its potential and as living space and a welcoming backdrop for their Danish Modern furniture, the couple purchased the home and began and a year-long renovation project. With her years of experience as an artist and a set stylist, Melissa designed detailed floor plans, even down to where each piece of furniture would be placed. In partnership with architect Louis Trostel, his interior designer wife, Nancy Falkner, an excellent contractor and subcontractors, the house was rejuvenated.

Both the interior and exterior were extensively remodeled to create open space and allow more natural light. Sustainability was also top-of-mind during the renovation process. In addition to energy-efficient windows and HVAC system, cork flooring and cement board siding were installed to bolster energy savings. Heated mats under bathroom tile floors allow the couple to keep the overall home temperature low, without getting cold feet.

Melissa noted that it was very similar to her experience working with KP, “with everyone bringing their expertise, it was a collaborative effort. And just as in our work life, it made for a stronger end product."

Future plans include adding a large kitchen garden in the front yard to harvest herbs and for Melissa’s culinary creations.

Photos by Clarissa Westmeyer (KP Photographer).