How You Can Maximize Acquiring Your Brand Assets

There’s a small but noticeable shift in our industry as companies prepared for the current recession. Marketers have and continue to feel the pressure to perform at the same breakneck speed with reduced teams and slashed budgets.

We mentioned how marketers can maximize their visual assets, but did you know that you might be duplicating your spend on "bookend" costs? Learn how intelligent workflow solutions can stretch your marketing dollars.

Maximizing Your Costs for a Shoot Day

For photo, video, and CGI projects, there are inevitable “bookend” costs. These costs are the inherent labor fees beyond pushing the shutter on a camera -- the work that happens before and after you show up on set. This includes:

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Equipment setup and teardown
  • Set or scene setup and teardown
  • Stylists’ time for prop shopping and returns

The larger the photography, video, or CGI job and/or when scheduled in concurrent days, the more efficient these costs become. 

Top 5 Things that Drive Up Costs On a Shoot Day

When a project lacks planning foresight, on-the-fly changes on set can drive costs through overtime fees or tacking on extra shoot days, with the above-mentioned fees. Other cost-drivers include set/scene changes, re-propping, lighting changes or unplanned insets/additional “grab” shots. 

A major cost-driver includes a change in art direction (think: adding a video component to a job spec’d for still images only). Be certain to communicate all your needs (both with your team and ours) before going into a shoot. We’ll guide you through the project planning process to avoid common budget pitfalls.

Maximize Your Costs for Your Marketing Calendar

When marketers don’t plan opportunistically for their calendar year, they lose speed to market due to a lack of coordination. We get it. Working for a large organization is like steering a big ship with a small rudder.

But let’s talk about hard numbers.

By planning ahead with a maximized strategy for your marketing communications, e-commerce, video, and social media visual assets, our clients have saved an average of 25%. While this has the ring of a Geico ad, what would you do with that extra cushion in your budget? (Swipe to see the difference between a maximized day vs. a non-maximized day below.)

How KP Photo Maximizes Your Budget

While we rely on our clients to think through their cross-departmental, long-term visual communication needs, we don’t want you to bear the burden of these jobs alone. Our range of in-house services helps you with these key functions and allows you to maximize your budget:

  • Storyboarding
  • Art direction
  • Set/prop aesthetic
  • Project planning and budget recommendations
  • Flexible scheduling for projects without hard deadlines

With more than 30 years of experience in producing high-impact visual imagery for major brands, our team is a strategic resource to help you discover, define, and deliver the most efficient, cost-effective way to maximize your resources. To learn more about cost savings with flexible scheduling, get in touch with us!