CGI and Motion: Welcome to a New World of Reality

For those of us in the realm of motion design and motion animation, having the right assets makes all the difference between a compelling video that folks want to watch versus one that ultimately detracts from a brand’s equity in the marketplace.

This is especially the case with videos that showcase new products entering the marketplace. “Grassroots” videos are usually the result of inadequate budget or timing — both of which can be solved utilizing CGI.

Take a razor, for example. The ability to show packaging, rotation or exploded views in CGI elevates the consumer experience in an arena where “content is king” — to inform, educate and entertain.

In addition to quality, an added benefit of using CGI in visual assets is that they can be revised quickly and efficiently if a change needs to be made to that asset — even after the process of animation has begun. New adaptations in color or the razor handle style, for example, can be easily implemented in CGI vs. having to re-shoot or composite an entire motion video from scratch.

CGI and Motion open the door to reality, making the invisible visible for brands to connect with their consumers in unique ways. For virtually every industry — from complex machinery that can't be disassembled to a virtual tour of an outdoor deck — the sky is the limit.

Once you create a quality CGI asset, you have it forever. It can evolve with aesthetic trends, colors and structural updates. It’s like anti-aging cream for your brand assets.

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