7 Tips For A Successful Photo Walk

Fall is already in full swing and our time to enjoy the outdoors before parka season is shrinking by the minute. We mentioned how getting outdoors is good for your health, and if you've had the desire to hone your creative skills, we have a few fun ideas to combine fitness and fun with a photo walk.

1. Pick a Theme

A photo walk is just what it says -- capturing images using your camera while being out and about. Not sure what to photograph on your walk? Here are a few starter ideas.

  • Architecture
  • Street photography
  • Documentary/storytelling
  • Landscape/nature
  • Portraits
  • Macro

If you’re having trouble choosing just one, try your hand at a few of these and see what you latch onto.

Glass walled building

2. Vary the Time of Your Photo Walks

While most office-bound folks will stretch their legs during a lunchtime break, challenge yourself to change your routine. The golden hour (just after sunrise or before sunset) is a photographer’s best friend. The light is, golden and soft, creating a beautiful glow on hair, filtering through trees and popping cool reflections and shadows on buildings.

Night photography is more advanced but with enough street light and creativity, you can capture a city life that many tend to miss.

Sunlight creating a zig-zag shadow of a rail on concrete steps

3. Keep Your Photography Gear Simple

The best camera you’ll have is the one that’s with you. An iPhone is a perfectly acceptable camera device but if you’re looking to buy a “real” camera, start with a basic DSLR or mirrorless model and invest in education. In the early stages of your journey, it’s so much more about understanding light and composition.

Building with Coca-Cola sign and several cars in the street

4. Take a Buddy

The views of others literally and figuratively challenge us to see the world differently. Some people love macro photography, honing in on flower buds or raindrops. Others see a scene as a documentary story and prefer wider, panning images. By bringing a friend on a photo walk, you’ll start to appreciate what others see through their lens.

5. Create a Photo Project and Share

Photos are meant to be seen and shared. Don’t worry if they’re not magazine-worthy. We all started with modest beginnings. Choose a project that resonates with you. Do you love urban decay? Start a website or Instagram account at no or low cost and post your photos. Create your first brag-worthy coffee table book.

Bikes and commuters line an Amsterdam street mid-day

6. Change Your Angle

It’s natural to stay in a standing position and photograph objects straight-on, but as you get more comfortable on your photo walks, challenge yourself to photograph from different positions.

A view of two tall buildings from street level

7. Fall Photo Tips

Lest we forget, fall color lovers will appreciate this article on how to use your iPhone to get great fall photos.

Parting thoughts: Take a minute to put your camera down and ENJOY your beautiful surroundings from time to time. We love photography but know that life is always better experienced in true form, not hidden behind the lens.

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Photo credits: KP's very own Madison Hunkus & Craig Brown.