2013 Annual Fine Art Show

Please join us for the KP Photo Group 2013 Fine Art Show being held on the evening of Friday, September 27th for the opening reception, and Saturday, September 28th for gallery hours. KP Photo will transform its 18,000 square foot commercial photo studio into a gallery showcasing the employees’ personal work, and a few of our freelancers’ pieces. This year we will be raising funds for a one-time scholarship in Jan Kalman’s name to a student in need from Jan’s alma mater, The Cleveland Institute of Art. Each KP Photo employee will donate a piece of art for a raffle in which 100% of funds goes directly to the scholarship. Along with the raffle donation, 20% of every piece sold will be donated also. To purchase any of the works shown here, please contact us

Opening Reception
Friday, September 27th, 2013
5:00pm to 10:00pm

Gallery Opening
Saturday, September 28th, 2013
5:00pm to 8:00pm

"Aubergine Affair" by Brooke

"Eager Eve" by Brooke

"Bok Choy" by Brooke

"Pair of Avocados 2" by Brooke

"Crimson Perch" by Brooke

"Pair of Pears" by Brooke

"Artichokes" by Brooke

"Cabbage 1" by Clarissa

"Cabbage 2" by Clarissa

"Dream" by Clarissa

"Field" by Clarissa

"Flame" by Clarissa

"In Fall" by Clarissa

"Last" by Clarissa

"One" by Clarissa

"Runoff" by Clarissa

"Two" by Clarissa

"203" by Craig

"Artichoke" by Craig

Price: $150

"Bee Balm" by Craig

"Caddy" by Craig

"Car Show" by Craig

"Charger" by Craig

"Forks" by Craig

"Inside Out" by Craig

"Lilly Pads" by Craig

"Manhattan Windows" by Craig

"Paper Airplane" by Craig

"Red Barn" by Craig

"Vegetable Bins" by Craig

"Vette" by Craig

"Aviation" by James

"Broken" by James

"Cape Cod" by James

"Chatham Boat #3" by James

"Dragonfly 1" by James

"Old Vegas" by James

"Private Beach" by James

"Pure Americana BxW" by James

"Sedona" by James

"Waco Reunion #2" by James

"Asylum Car" by Whitney

"Liquid Study I" by Whitney

"Liquid Study III" by Whitney

"Liquid Study IV" by Whitney

"Rotten Banana" by Whitney

"Rotten Celery" by Whitney

"Rotten Chucks" by Whitney

"Rotten Vans" by Whitney

"Sydney Harbor" by Whitney

"Train Station" by Whitney

"Bob Dylan" by Mike

"Views From Mt. Rainier" by mike

"Views From Rainer Mtns In The Mist" by Mike

"Water Fall Nisqually Glacier" by Mike

"My Childhood In The Clouds Professor marvel" by Mike

"Two Birds,Three Wires" by Mike

"Two Birds,One Wire" by Mike

"Two Birds,Two Wires" by Mike

" Long Rain Utah" by Mike

"My Childhood In The Clouds,Good Night Noises Everywhere" by Mike

"Mountains At Sea" by Mike

"Views From Mount Hood" by Mike

"A Place To Rest" by Jason Feiler

"Charlies Tree" by Jason Feiler

"Cleveland Flats" by Jason Feiler

"Cleveland Skyline" by Jason Feiler

"Once Upon A Time" by Jason Feiler

"Sneeze" by Jason Feiler

"Summer Breeze" by Jason Feiler

"To The Castle" by Jason Feiler

"Tracks" by Jason Feiler

"Vanishing" by Jason Feiler

"Matchy 1" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 2" by Sandy Petrovich

"Cooper & Emmit" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 4" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 5" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 6" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 7" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 8" by Sandy Petrovich

"Matchy 9" by Sandy Petrovich

"WOW!" by Sandy Petrovich

"Altar at Angkhor Wat" by Sarah Ralston

"Angkor Wat Esplanade Corner" by Sarah Ralston

"Angkor Wat Gallery Corner" by Sarah Ralston

"Apsara Dancers" by Sarah Ralston

"Faces at Bayon" by Sarah Ralston

"In The Fields Near NH1 Cambodia" by Sarah Ralston

"Monks Walking at Preah Ko" by Sarah Ralston

"Monks Walking At Preah Ko" by Sarah Ralston

"Ta Prohm Inside Front Gate" by Sarah Ralston

"Tibetan Pilgrim Prostrating At Mt Kailash" by Sarah Ralston