KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Craig Brown

Posted on May 01, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Craig Brown
Role at KP: Co-Owner/Photographer
Years at KP: 24 Years   
Number of KP Art Shows: This is Craig’s 6th show….perfect attendance since the show's inception!

About Craig’s Collection:
Framed photography that features unique angles and macro views of everyday objects or things in nature that lend to a graphically designed feel in their composition.

The uniqueness of everyday objects and nature found through angles and macro views.

The Process:
Classic museum framing using metal...

KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Michelle Loufman

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Michelle Loufman
Role at KP: Marketing Director
Years at KP: 2  
Number of KP Art Shows: First one!
About Michelle’s Collection:
Acrylics and framed prints featuring wildlife, landscapes, nature, wildlife and the night skies of Zion National Park and Africa.

The surreal and unworldly experience of Africa and passion for photography.

The Process:
She's riding the roller coaster of learning new techniques and cultivating my creative process — from shooting to the final,...

KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Jaime Aerni

Posted on April 24, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Jaime Aerni

Role at Kalman & Pabst: Production Coordinator

Years at KP: KP has pleasantly kept her around since 2010 in various roles -  Intern (2010); Freelancer (through 2015); Full-time Staffer (almost 1 yr)   

Number of KP Art Shows: This will be Jaime’s first Show as a full-time staffer - Attended (2009); entered with limited work (2012, 2014)  

Jaime’s 2016 Collection: A collection of everyday life - framed or printed metal.  


KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Madison Hunkus

Posted on April 21, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Madison Hunkus

Role at KP: Production Coordinator

Years at KP:
2 years

Number of KP Art Shows
: 2nd (first one she attended as an intern)

About Madison's Collection:
The theme is Mortality, Memento Mori, Remembrance, Morality…. Human interaction and connection to animals in death. Features photo transfers on wood and canvas, screen prints and framed archival pigment prints. A mix of traditional film and digital photography, as well as alternative processes.

Animal processing....

KP Hosts Research Chef Association Workshop: Food Photography and Styling Tips

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Michelle in Events

It’s not easy to condense decades of photography and food styling experience into a 4-hour workshop, but KP Photo Photographer, Clarissa Westmeyer, and Food Stylist, Betty Karslake, were up to the task as they led an interactive food photography workshop at the 2016 Research Chefs Association (RCA) Conference.  

The workshop took place at Linger Restaurant in Denver, and had more than 20 attendees representing national food manufacturers, who learned best practices from lighting and composition to food styling techniques. Using...

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