KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Mike Wasserman

Posted on May 07, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Mike Wasserman

Role at KP: Co-Owner

Years at KP
:  12 years (began as an intern, then worked his way through as photographer and as production coordinator)

Number of KP Art Show
s:  6th time (has participated since inception)

About Mike’s Collection:
Explores beautiful aesthetic, artistic and fragile qualities of shells.

It’s intriguing that oceans can take down an entire ship, but the shells somehow manage to persevere, while maintaining artistic beauty, despite their inherent fragility.  

The Process:...

KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Rosie Hileman

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Rosie Hileman
Role at KP: Photographer
Years at KP: Freshly hired full-timer, but well-seasoned KP freelancer.
Number of KP Art Shows: This is Rosie’s first time participating in the KP Art Show, but it is the show that introduced her to KP several years ago.  

About Rosie’s Collection:
Using color, texture, and shape as the to focus in on the simple quality of objects, and working within the confines of a predetermined frame to construct a fabricated composition.

KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: James Popovic

Posted on May 04, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: James Popovic
Role at KP: Digital Artist
Years at KP: 27 Years   
Number of KP Art Shows: This is James’ 6th show….not one sick day since show’s inception!

About James’ Collection:
Features 360 degree panoramics of Martha’s Vineyard, with a blend of 75 exposures to create more dimension and depth. Images have a dual purpose: For large framed art prints and for a quicktime virtual reality experience on the computer.

Love for the New England landscape...

KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Craig Brown

Posted on May 01, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Craig Brown
Role at KP: Co-Owner/Photographer
Years at KP: 24 Years   
Number of KP Art Shows: This is Craig’s 6th show….perfect attendance since the show's inception!

About Craig’s Collection:
Framed photography that features unique angles and macro views of everyday objects or things in nature that lend to a graphically designed feel in their composition.

The uniqueness of everyday objects and nature found through angles and macro views.

The Process:
Classic museum framing using metal...

KP ART SHOW Artist Profile: Michelle Loufman

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Michelle in KP Art Show

Name: Michelle Loufman
Role at KP: Marketing Director
Years at KP: 2  
Number of KP Art Shows: First one!
About Michelle’s Collection:
Acrylics and framed prints featuring wildlife, landscapes, nature, wildlife and the night skies of Zion National Park and Africa.

The surreal and unworldly experience of Africa and passion for photography.

The Process:
She's riding the roller coaster of learning new techniques and cultivating my creative process — from shooting to the final,...

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