New Modular Set at KP!

Posted on April 25, 2012 by in Behind the scenes

KP is building a sound stage!  We’ve selected the back studio to become our third kitchen/video sound stage for our food photography.  The first step is working with sound engineers to make portable sound barriers to isolate the area we will use for shooting.  Once the space is isolated they can tweak the sound with clouds and portable walls to make it perfect for recording.  While the engineers are working on that, the carpenters have started the kitchen. Two 16 ft. walls on 2 - 32 foot barn rails have already been constructed.  The goal for this project is to be “modular”.  Each wall has a different window configuration, either can be a kitchen, and one could be a living room, bathroom, or bedroom.  The kitchen will initially have white custom cabinets, and each cabinet group will be constructed separately so they can be reconfigured many different ways. There will be double wall ovens, a large farm style sink, and an island with a special high and lo simmer gas range and plenty of counter space for working or demonstrating.  And, through the magic of green screen technology, we can put you in the middle of Manhattan, or Wyoming, you choose.

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